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How To Unblock Facebook At School

Everyone's always ordering you around while in school. Your parents tell you to attend, the teachers tell you what to write, what to eat, what to wear, who to hang out with... the list goes on. You'd think you're in a correctional facility or something like that. You would guess that after forcing you to go to and all that stuff, they'd at the very least be decent enough let you browse whatever web sites you would like as long as you're stuck there. Apparently not. The interwebs are censored, and lots websites are blocked. Fortunately, there are a couple of ways to bypass the restrictions, and it's a good deal more easy than getting your parents to homeschool you.

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Enter the website address into the box below. The default settings should work fine for Myspace and Facebook, but you can change the settings below the URL box to your liking. Disabling cookies and Javascript will most likely prevent you from being able to access Myspace or Facebook, but should be fine for most other sites where you don't have to log in.

Enter URL


Please note that because of new technology and fancy script features added to Myspace and Facebook, the site will look different (basically it'll be using the 'mobile' version of the site - the same version you'd see if you access Myspace or Facebook from your cellphone). All the basics should work just fine though, and everything should load faster because of this. One other note, if you find that the login page is in French, no worries, after you log in everything should be English again (or whatever language you normally have it as). This may happen because this server is in France so Myspace thinks you're in France... when it's actually the proxy that is.
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What is an unblocker?

An unblocker is a kind of gateway that sit between the computer you're on and the site you're visiting. The unblocker accesses the site you want in your place, downloads the page, and sends it off to you. So the site you want to access never sees your IP. So in effect you are surfing websites indirectly. Internet filters only think you are accessing the unblocker, not the destination site.

Some tips when using an unblocker for Facebook

It's better to find an unblocking site that hardly anyone knows about. Popular unblockers will get blocked faster. Unblockers that you find by searching Google will be blocked quickly because teachers can find them so easily. Even if you get a good unblocker it would be smart to have a few others you can try if your main one gets blocked.

An alternative way to unblock Facebook at school is by setting up your own unblocker tool. This is harder than just using an unblocker but it pays off because you're in control. How to do this is beyond the scope of this article, do a search for "How to make your own proxy" you should find instructions. You can also make money from this through advertising.

Other ways to unblock Facebook include to use sites that translate pages, such as Google Translate or Babelfish. Also try using Google's cache version of the site. However, you probably won't be able to to log in using these methods, so it's still better to use unblockers for Facebook, though these tips are good with most websites.

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